About Lodestar

The path was laid for me from the age of five as my 11 hh pony played the ever popular game: “Knock the Kid Off With Tree Branches, Run Amok Till She Catches You and Climbs Back On, Repeat as Necessary”. I knew then that my life would forever revolve around these magical, powerful, gentle and soulful creatures.  I began riding English; a very traditional German mom insisted on correct equitation, dressage and jumping. At 13, I refused to ride anymore until I could ride western, so everything was sold. 8 months later I bought my first horse, western tack and never looked back, although ironically my first real job off the farm was Spruce Meadows, then grocery store, dairy farm, cattle station in Australia, promotions, managing retail, Guide outfitting until that fateful day I switched farriers and he made shoes right there in front of me. 

  So….without any prior hint of where this vocation I soon fell in love with would take me, I graduated Olds Farrier program with honours in 2001 after apprenticing for 3 years. Having grown up with horses, still nothing prepared me for the insane ability to speed read horses one needs crawling around under unknown horses, never mind people skills. But in 2007, I gave my full time big business to an apprentice of my own and left Vancouver Island finally to leap headlong into my dream of southern interior living. Two and a half years of living alone on a very isolated, no phone or internet ranch, helping problem horses and colt starting REALLY ramped things up for me as far as presence, awareness ( -25, snowboots and  known tricky horses will do that to a person it seems) feel, seeking the being in the horse suit, and learning to be open to the lessons they had for me. Gradually, sneaky like I found myself beginning to teach as..well, horses need their humans to understand how to get along with them. And then my own private adoration for the hackamore and bridle horse work evolved more and more to the forefront, along with some crazy fun camps designed to almost trick adults into finding feel, such as the Feel Like a Kid Camp, and When Nothing Works and the Infamous Cowgirl Re-Union, co-facilitated with Alexa Linton

  I deeply love exploring the unique and powerful connection we have to our own personal horses, why we are together, what lessons have being trying to share and how do they reflect back our relationships with ourselves and others.  Always so drawn to spiritual explorations, questioning life, self, and the metaphors of life, I went through years of crazy woo-woo learnings, energy work,  several in-depth personal growth and alternative healing therapy courses which happily are applied and fed into the whole. I love knowing  that working with horses this way…this relational, reflective way, and winds around through all sorts of challenging and joyful pieces that with my most fervent wish being the betterment of both parties because of the other.Spruce Meadows, Professional Farrier and   .I strongly encourage the art of “being” with your horse. Being still, being present, being quiet, being … aware. This awareness of what they are thinking, perceiving and feeling starts to lead to a better sense of “Feel”. Feel to me is SO many things, and in every way you can possibly use it in context to your horse and self, the deeper and stronger your connection. To become such a centered, strong, peaceful leader that your horse finds comfort, safety and confidence is truly one of the greatest gifts we can ask for and empowers us tremendously. I believe that horses have walked throughout history beside us, patiently awaiting the time we can begin to hear their lessons of the soul. All are different, all unique, and tailored to fit where we are on our path, and we find ourselves mirrored in our silk-hided, luminescent-eyed, sweet-smelling, infinitely fascinating friends.

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