The Call of the Art

June 25-27 2021

Seven Half Diamond Ranch, Merritt, B.C.

Seven years ago I dredged up out of the back closet, way down underneath some long forgotten totes, single socks, shrunken western shirts and in amongst the dust bunnies….my passion for Art. It was moldy, barely recognizable and so sad and tattered, but I tenderly carried it out into the light, had a good cry and am now nursing it back to vibrant, shiney happy health. It takes some nurturing by kindness, patience and buckets of compassion, faith in the outcome, wonder in curiosity and JOY…oh the JOY of actually creating cannot even be described! I feel this guilty, gleeful, skippy feeling when I allow myself time to ponder what I may paint next, staring at photos, buying canvasses(FUN!) and paint, taking a workshop to help guide me and direct this rag tag drive to MAKE STUFF..

Soooo in my journey of doing all this, guess what I learned? well well well, imagine that! There are all kinds of you just like I was, that never had the time, or it was ‘one day’, blank canvas fears, Art store TERROR, no talent (but oh so want to), no energy, one day ( No really, one day), too busy, other obligations…one day (I promise). So so many of you who really really want to do SOMETHING with art…but what and how and when and and and where to begin.

I tried this a couple years ago…and surprise surprise! No one showed up! hahahaha! So trying again….gently nudging any of you who have ever (or never but..) wished to pick up a paint brush, to come out with your horse, and hang out together and paint stick horses, stick trees and stick sticks…no pressure, just play. My vision is to experiment with the paint, experiment with colour, experiment with play and heart, hang out with the horses, maybe sketch them, as badly or goodly as we want, paint our horses( literally, on their hair) day dream, ride in the evenings maybe, see what unfolds in a nurturing, supportive inspiring, safe way with other kindred spirits who are every bit a daunted at creating and just gently coaxing your Lost Art to come out, come out come out and play….

If this feels like it’s calling you and you’ve no horse, we can work with that too, but I want horses there as a grounding, connecting, soulful and accepting place to relax away from the art. Seven Half Diamond will be the location and accommodation is available, so  if you have not had the pleasure of being there yet you are in for a real delight. Lakes, hills mantled in aspen, crazy beautiful light, rustic ambience with all the comforts of home and a fantastic saloon for spaced out creative ventures, arena with obstacles, wonderful variety of trails and we will be there in wildflower season…extraordinarily beautiful. Horses have lovely big pens as well.

A recommended supply list will be provided, but I am happy to share my paints as needed.

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