About Lodestar

trail-camp136_1The path was laid for me from the age of five as my 11 hh pony played the ever popular game: “Knock the Kid Off With Tree Branches, Run Amok Till She Catches You and Climbs Back On, Repeat as Necessary”. I knew then that my life would forever revolve around these magical, powerful, gentle and soulful creatures. Although horses were the constants in my life, I spent some time on the ‘Human Hamster Wheel’ of passionless jobs and left the horses as a hobby status. Through several in-depth personal growth and alternative healing therapy courses, pointed to by my very wise mare, Mia, I could no longer ignore my passion and set off in earnest down the path to my dreams: Australian Outback Cattle Station work, Guide Outfitting, Spruce Meadows, Professional Farrier and Trimmer, Natural Horsemanship and foundation development on young horses, and helping their people to gain the skills to have at-home success. My true passion and joy is helping to empower both the horse and human to their greatest potential and their own unique path.

I strongly encourage the art of “being” with your horse. Being still, being present, being quiet, being … aware. This awareness of what they are thinking, perceiving and feeling starts to lead to a better sense of “Feel”. Feel to me is SO many things, and in every way you can possibly use it in context to your horse and self, the deeper and stronger your connection. To become such a centred, strong, peaceful leader that your horse finds comfort, safety and confidence is truly one of the greatest gifts we can ask for and empowers us tremendously. I believe that horses have walked throughout history beside us, patiently awaiting the time we can begin to hear their lessons of the soul. All are different, all unique, and tailored to fit where we are on our path, and we find ourselves mirrored in our silk-hided, luminescent-eyed, sweet-smelling, infinitely fascinating friends.