Eventing. Well, Manely

Well. Well well well……….. 

The week has sailed past already following the Mane Event, and I find myself just really wanting to Thank everyone that stopped by and had a visit. Some old friends which were so cool to see, some new ones made, some surprises, and alot of familiar faces that have stuck with me on this crazy loop-de-loop path….:)I was taken aback with the enormous amount of interest in all things pertaining to the Bridle Horse, and the gear certainly drew folks attention.

   Funny thing is though that once the concept was explained to those who did not know of the journey, that it quickly became apparent that it is more the Time, Reverence and Patience, combined with a balanced understanding and communication through the ‘gear’ that gives this ancient, harmonious, “Signal” based ideology a truly remarkable place in the horse world. 

It is most simply put as  ” designed with the horse and the utmost respect for him in mind”. This is certainly not new, fast or a “program”. It demands Feel. It requires Balance. It is Fluid and it is Movement. It can be crazy making and brutally honest…..But, it creates Confidence, Softness, Grace and Empowerment in both horse and human. 

It encompasses all things I hold dear that I have come to cherish along my journey with horses and it is cultivating a finer, quieter, simpler, cleaner more aware rider of myself. This has been my private and personal exploration, something that has been my fascination since I was 8 and collected pictures of spade bits and yet had no comprehension of why. My passion for helping folks learn feel, I mean Feel (:), Awareness, Connection and Confidence dove-tails so effortlessly with what I now find myself faced with. All this curiosity and desire to explore the Art of the Bridle Horse from others who have felt the same pull and wondered…. And so what it is that I love to do really truly is becoming what I do……….


 I am constantly humbled and challenged and exalted…and my horses are my best feedback, as always. When I get it right, they fight for the halter and seem to take as much joy in the connection and dance as I do and this…..this is what I have longed for. 


A way to balance innumerable elements into a Grand Work of Art with the horses dignity and needs held in complete respect.  I do this simply and utterly because I love it and the way it allows me to feel…and I am honored and humbled to share the exploration.
There is a line in a song, a buckaroo song, that has captured my heart…
” What I do is an Art, not a Sport”.

So, once again, thanks to you all who showed such keen interest and here’s to hoping I will get to spend time with you this Spring and Summer with your horses, cultivating a love for the Art…..oh!and the Gear….:)

A very, very special THANK YOU needs to go to Joan and Erin who’s dedication, kindness and wonderful support truly made the difference for me with set up, breaks and just being with me….Thanks, Girls!

…Bit of a Blog

Beside us here is a photo taken 4 days ago, on the road to the river and Yes, it is Merritt! Yes it IS green! Even the Sage is ridiculously green…..(well the OTHER Sage is still black and white, although she HAS come back green from finding something that smelled suspiciously like bear poop, smiling and all pleased with herself….:P) The river is over its banks in some places, and no one can remember seeing it this high before and sure am glad I moved a couple Camp dates around, as there will be no swimming in this river in June!

OH! Yes! Please check out the updated Schedule page as The Connecting at the Dot Camp has moved to July, and the Feel Like a Kid Camp has moved to Last weekend in July. There are just two spots left in the July 7 1/2 Diamond Camp, and August is full, so if you are thinking on maybe you’d like to explore one of the prettiest areas I have ridden in, and enjoy the gorgeous Log cabin and arena for refining your feel, delving deeper into Conscious Horsemanship…….and tons of trail time and relaxation….Saloon anyone?

My good friend and riding buddy Kimberly, rode around the place on Monday, and were just so blown away….and the wildlife!!!!! And that looooong grass covered pipeline that just screams…” GALLOP!!!!!!!!!!”

Oh! and now that I am able to sit and Blog……….Suddenly no photos will upload…. well, huh!
And so much has happened…! I,I, I have Pictures and and everything….!
Oh well, Better luck next time…..

It looks like The Collaborative Workshop “Finding A Feel” with Alexa in Duncan at Twin Creeks June 18-20 is in a couple of weeks! This should be a fascinating, revealing and deep journey into the interconnectedness of ourselves and our horses….THIS is what I have been searching through and with these last couple of years and it excites me and intrigues me the depth of relationship and connection possible to ourselves and those in our lives, animal or human. Truth, congruency, softness, power, humility and presence……zooooeeee! Next chance to do this ground breaking Clinic will be in Sept in Squamish at Lauren’s www.goodhorsemanship.ca

Well….this is just no fun without pictures, and its bed time again….busy week, Vicki D coming to see her boy (who happens to be the now gelded father of Cita), Griffy’s sister’s are visiting…Jazz with Vicki, and Zoe on Weds. Thursday its Summer Turn out at Quilchena ( I am sneaking in with the cowboys, and maybe they won’t notice my big roan horse…..:), Friday off to Pritchard to do feet and lessons…..oh and ride 8 horses….

yep, its a pretty amazing life….:) Follow your dreams, kids….follow your dreams….

ok….I’m gettin’ off the soapbox…….hahahaha!

The Eclectic Mailman

I read the following Quote on the Eclectic Horseman website forum, and thought to myself, “wow! what a great analogy!” So here it is for your viewing, reading and digesting pleasure.

Basically the question was about a horse that only acknowledged a girl’s presence when she brought food. Now I know that alot of us have established a stronger rapport with our horses, but really…………If you keep this in the back of your mind the next time you haul Blaze out of his field after an insanely busy week or two away at work, and find yourself getting wound up at his disrespectful behavior……………..

“Do you have an acquaintance, maybe your mailman, that you like well enough, but don’t really have much in common with. He’s there to drop your mail off, but whether you talk to him or not, you know he will bring the mail. That’s the extent of your relationship.
Today he stopped by, came in the house, and said he wanted you to clean out your kitchen cupboards. Oh, and he wasn’t asking, he was telling and ready to back it up with force. And he did get you to do it, and stood there and watched you the whole time., and whacked you when he thought you weren’t cleaning fast enough.
I bet tomorrow when he pulls up, he has your full attention and focus. Maybe not in a good way!
Now think of your mare. She is alone. A lot. Now the mailman pulls up, and he has an amazingly interesting puzzle, and he asks if she might help him out with it. They have a great time, her mind is stimulated, she has some laughs with the mailman.
What do you think her reaction will be tomorrow when he pulls up?
You can put any spin on it you want. I think we need to be more in a boss type relationship, but we have all had great bosses and not so great bosses. Think about your reaction when a boss you really respected and liked walked up to you.I bet you were not bored or indifferent.

Think about a boss who changed his mind a lot, got overfly upset when you made mistakes, and never said thanks when you did a great job, and was wishy washy in his or her direction? And gave you jobs that were meaningless. Your job was to clean a mirror that was already clean. Wait, only clean the top of the mirror!! No! I mean the bottom half!!
Think about your reaction to that boss.”

Enough said………..

If you haven’t discovered Eclectic Horseman yet, I highly recommend a subscription.