The Art of the Bridle Horse

100 Mile House Dates: April 17/18, May 8/9, June 12/13, July  3/4, Aug. 7/8, Sept. 18/19, Oct. 16/17

Kamloops Dates: April 3/4, May 15/16, June 19/20, July 17/18, August 21/22, Sep. 18/19, Oct.  9/10

An exploration of the Classical Californio Style of horsemanship in a way that is set up in a rather unique way that allows for the utmost individual attention yet has  group support and camaraderie capabilities built in. Groups meet once a month for 7 months and I’ve found this method of  learning offers tremendous value to the student in its consistency,  accountability, adaptability; growth becomes exponential and deeply understood as riders watch and absorb the learnings of other students during the days are actively encouraged to give feedback to one another. Groups are formed at same rough stage of the bridle horse work and deep bonds form as students share their accomplishments and struggles with one another, often meeting in between sessions and there is a real sense of safety to be vulnerable and not judged. I simply love sharing this work, this way.
Throughout these sessions, we will explore all aspects of developing a refined communication and connection with our horses, one that elevates both to a higher place together, then alone.

The equipment: It’s origins and the brilliant design to allow for an incredibly well balanced and refined horse and rider. We will cover in depth the origins and reasons for the development of this style of fine horsemanship, as well as the gear; it’s construction, why it is built this way, how it works, and how to chose and access quality equipment. You will be introduced to or advanced in working with the bosal, no matter where you are with your horse. If you are further along, this will greatly aid your bridle work which you will be given the opportunity to develop as well.
As effective, humane and subtle as these beautiful pieces of handmade equipment are, none of them compare to getting ‘right’ with the biggest tool we have of all.

Our body and selves, and we will be getting very clear and consistent with this piece of the equation as well. Our bodies are the BIGGEST tool we have at our disposal to ride horses with, and one on the most capable conducting the most minute and subtle communications with the horses. A vast exploration of energy, breathe, muscle/fascia/bone and boundaries between horse and human.You will also be given an opportunity to ride a more finished horse in the two-rein and straight up in the bridle to truly feel how it all connects and what the ultimate goal is.

Ground work to find the holes and the very basis of identifying where communication likely began to fall apart, where forgotten pieces lie needing to be clarified,how to more easily see where and what we are doing, doing ourselves with fluidity before expecting it of our horses…so many pieces in here to explore.

Presence leading to awareness, leading to feel, that “avatar sensation” how to allow ourselves to be taught by the horses, yet still maintain a balance of boundaries and play, and expression and discipline and obedience and freedom and joy
Come prepared to have some myths de-mthyed, questions answered, new levels of feel and sensitivity opened, challenges and yes, even some frustration…but such an incredible journey of self and oh yes…equine development. And I promise, tons of laughs as well…:)


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