The 2nd Annual Cowgirl Re-Union

 “A Celebration of Em-bodiment and Re-membering”


When: June 21-27th, 2016

What: Collaborative Retreat


Highly unique, challenging, rewarding, soul searching, healing, balancing, enlivening, provocative and, relaxing…were all words that come up as we attempt to describe this phenomanl gathering…

What we’ll be up to…

  • Daily rides out with Horsewoman extraordinaire Stefanie Travers as our tour guide! If you’ve never been on a ride out with Stef you’re in for a fantastic adventure. And of course we’ll be doing a moonlight ride (it will be a full moon!). Plus, did we mention that there is a cidery within riding distance?
  • Daily teachings for you and your horse with Stefanie and Alexa. You’re going to walk away from this camp feeling more at home in your body and your saddle then you ever have.
  • Adventures with Animal intuitive and Energy alchemist Alexa Linton. We’ll be playing with embodiment and energy in ways that connect you powerfully to your horse, your life and your world. And yes, we will be there for both a full moon and the Summer Solstice, a potent time indeed!
  • You’ll learn a few special massage techniques from Equine Sport Therapist Rebecca Fawcett that will have your horse floating on cloud 9.
  • Cowgirl dress-up (complete with corsets, hoopskirts, gowns and rifles) and shooting practice with Audrey Sayewich aka Sassy Six-guns!
  • Qi gong and more with Christa Miremadi of Horsemanship from the Heart. So good!
  • Plenty of photo shoot opportunities with the amazing photographer Candice Camille to capture your essence, your alter-ego (once the costumes begin!), and your very cool partnership with your horse.
  • Music around the campfire every night so if you’re a’ playin’ kinda gal, be sure to pack your Guitar/kazoo/drum kit.
  • A Saturday night performance by the family country band Mack Station!

With all these gifted facilitators it will undeniably be an experience that will change your Life! Held at the incredible Hidden Valley Horse Camp shown only an approximation of what MAY or may not occur*) See     for even more info and pictures!

Please Contact for availability.

The Art of the Bridle Horse

When: July 15-17, 2016

Cost: $400.00

IV, June 2012, Kiowa, Colorado

IV, June 2012, Kiowa, Colorado

IV July 2013, Merritt, BC

IV July 2013, Merritt, BC

An exploration of the Classical Californio Style of horsemanship.
It’s origins and the brilliant design of the equipment, including proper use of the equipment to allow for an incredibly well balanced and refined horse and rider. We will cover in depth the origins and reasons for the development of this style of fine horsemanship, as well as the gear; it’s construction, why it is built this way, how it works, and how to chose and access quality equipment. You will be introduced to or advanced in working with the bosal, no matter where you are with your horse. If you are further along, this will greatly aid your bridle work which you will be given the opportunity to develop as well.
As effective, humane and subtle as these beautiful pieces of handmade equipment are, none of them compare to getting ‘right’ with the biggest tool we have of all. Our body and selves, and we will be getting very clear and consistent with this piece of the equation as well. You will also be given an opportunity to ride a more finished horse in the two-rein and straight up in the bridle to truly feel how it all connects and what the ultimate goal is.
Come prepared to have some myths de-mthyed, questions answered, new levels of feel and sensitivity opened, challenges and yes, even some frustration…but such an incredible journey of self and equine development. And I promise, tons of laughs as well…:)

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