One of the Lucky Ones…

A couple months back I had posted a picture of a painting I had just finished up on Facebook, and one of the comments was something to the effect of “Wow, you are one of the lucky ones!” That comment had me sit back in my chair and think to myself… Oh my gosh…its true! I really am one of the lucky ones!

   I am lucky in that I get to live in a truly remarkable part of this remarkable planet. One that allows for freedom of speech, will and expression. A place where with some pig headed determination, focus, and certain degree of “oh what the heck…I’ll jump, it doesn’t look that far down this cliiiiiiiiiiiiifff” I was able to achieve a childhood dream of working with horses for a living. And literally…what a ride! 


What stated so innocently as working with young and troubled horses turned me into a bona fide people lover as well. In teaching folks how to have at home success with their beloved horses, this shy and self-conscious girl turned into a teacher and ack…even a Public, microphone wearing, will she ever shut up chit chatting clinician of sorts. And I love it! And I am so LUCKY to have been touched by the lives of so very many incredibly good people. I have learned so much, been graced with such love and friendship over the years it compels to to wonder at who exactly the teacher even was…Thank you all for being a part of my life….I so wonder what is coming up just around the corner for us!

I am lucky in that I have my health….a body that seems to be able to quite happily heal itself even though I have not been the best at caring for it. I have been on a real diet awareness program since watching my mom pass away and saw so many of her poor eating habits (like say…not eating!) in myself and I made a vow on her deathbed that I would change this in me, learn from her lessons. And I really am. I, Stefanie Travers, now eat vegetables. Yep, its true…and whats worse? I like them! hahaha This combined with being Gluten aware( and if you haven’t heard about this…oh boy, better get reading!), my Bluegreen algae and tons of lemon water has shifted my energy and over all sense of well being un imaginabley. Sage and her toe nail dilemma really reinterated this for me as well in looking at what we choose to feed our dogs and yes, Sagey is eating her vegetables, too! (but don’t tell her:)

I am lucky in that after all this fussin’ and fightin’…I AM CREATING…..STUFF! The sculpture sits half patiently, awaiting my finishing touches before I finally Let Go of this process and tenderly cart it off to the bronzer. What a feeling that will be! So excited to see what it looks like in ‘real life’. And so excited to begin a new…BIGGER ones after getting settled into the new place. And how the painting just sort of took on a life of ts own and even now, as I really ought to be packing things up….I CAN”T HELP IT!!! I keep finding a paint brush in my hand…scratching my head and cursing the ridiculously poor light in here but really not caring…just loving the squishy feeling of the paint, the crazy colors as they mix, the bizarre way I forget about everything and slip far away as I paint and then waking up in the morning and trotting down the hall way to see what the paint fairies did at night….I am so lucky! 

Of Course a huge!!!!!!!!!!!! part of this was due to my very intrepid couch, Karen Lanser at for gently but firmly (hey Karen…want a job training horses!:) guiding me to keep digging, keep opening up trap doors, keep asking why, to find what was laying in wait under the poop with ice cream on top of it….”) Oh, and helping me to get good, real good with…”I don’t know”. Boy am I lucky…

I am lucky to be blessed with incredible friends. Wow…I just never really fully ‘got’ how precious you all to me…some of you have stuck with me for far to long ( not mentioning any names, Inet), some not as long, but journeys deep, and fun and scary and rich with fears and triumphs all. to know you all are just a call away….well, I am beyond lucky. Thank you….for putting up with me and helping us all to shine brightly! 

I am so lucky to have these incredibly special dogs in my life. Without Sage…well, I wouldn’t be doing what
I am doing, that’s for sure. And Griffy in his clown suit…so glad you stayed! Indy…my man, glad to have back ‘on-line again! Espada and Duende…how can a gal get any luckier??? IV…lol sometimes you make me wonder:) Cita and Querida…over there in the fat pens managing quite well on slender diets in sub zero temps…all a part of the wonderful
package. and Taos…not many folks kknow I have a cat. I very small cat surprisingly enough…but fierce and fiesty and SHE is going to love the new digs!   Not sure at all how I got to be this lucky to be surrounded by so many very cool animals!

And I am so lucky to have my family. Chris, my older brother…Saint in a 
Freightliner…honestly. I would be
completely lost with out you! Colin, my globe-trotting, hob nobbing, social lite younger brother…we DO NOT see enough of one another…and my bad! And our dad….Thanks, Pop…for just being there, a thread holding us still connected us a family….And  Todd and Christy…miss you both!

So….Yes. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. I AM one of the Lucky ones…

Aren’t we all???

Thank you, Leslie, for this gratitude provoking comment….:)

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