What if?

Ever had one of those thoughts that you just kinda went…”Nah? Where did that come from?
You know, the ones that sneak out somehow through all those internal chatterbox, gear grinding, regurgative thoughts that sadly we mostly are not even aware that we run as an endless loop tape? Yeah those very cool thoughts. This one that I feel compelled to share tonight came a few years ago, whilst pondering life changes and feeling a certain degree of well, frankly…UTTER CHAOS! Somehow seems apropo for the times….

I suppose I feel the urge to share because we so often forget this simple truth and its inherent freedom and responsibility. 
But interestingly enough, our animals just know this to be true. They don’t stand around in their little herds pondering how to be a snazzier trotter then everyone else. Nor do they harbor small, nasty thoughts about the way so-and-so’s mane is always SUCH a mess! (ok…ok.Maybe I have heard Cita mention IV’s mane to ‘Spady a time or two) 
Nor do they belittle themselves when they missed that lead change. Or secretly wished they were a different color. Agonize over their past. Wish they were taller, slimmer….
 Nope, they simply Live in the Now…where we all do, but us ‘Egocentric’ humans well, we forget, beat ourselves up, compare ourselves favorably or unfavorably to others, second guess ourselves and just generally stop believing in our dreams. Why is that???? 
Oh to be more humble and learn from the Masters…..

What If?
   I am so Magnificent,
So Huge, So Powerful,
So Gentle, So Wise.
So Purely Divine?
What If?
What Then………?

2 thoughts on “What if?

  1. What if I could find a way to come up and ride with you? I like your philosophies on horsemanship and awareness…something I feel I’ve been awakening to, but still searching.
    Are the dates on your website current or is that from last year? Would you be interested in doing a clinic in California? 🙂

  2. Hi Suzanne!
    Thank you for your comments, and I would be tickled to have you come up and ride! For me horsemanship is deeply spiritual and often very private between ourselves and our horses…learning to just allow it in….ahhhh! That is the trick…lol!:)

    It is such a beautiful drive, and yes the dates on the site are current and for this year. As for a clinic in California, please email me at
    stefanie-travers@hotmail.com and we can certainly look at dates and possibilities!

    Thanks for your curiosity and message….:)

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